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University of Split School of Medicine

Soccer Club

Student Organizer

  • Julian Kaufman (third year)
  • Niklas Krause (second year)

The concept

You are not Messi, neither C.Ronaldo but you still like playing football, then the Soccer Club will be the best place for you to express all your talent!

This is a good way to get to know other students and to have fun.

Every Sunday at 6 p.m. a pitch is reserved for ISA next to FESB University!

The first 12 students who are applying for a place are attending. Every Friday, we are going to post on our Facebook group a request list for the following Sunday.

A contribution of 200 kuna in total is required. (approximately 16 kn per person if we are 12 players).

Ps: for the moment it is only for male students... We are working on to make that possible for girls too!

Apply for the Soccer Club on our Facebook group.

Facebook Group