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University of Split School of Medicine

Research in Biomedicine 2

The course includes direct teaching of how to search, recognize and critically assess scientific articles, training in the application of „evidence-based medicine“, as well as information on the basics of quality of health care.

The practice of evidence-based medicine, assessment of the evidence, validity of arguments and quantitative comprehension and acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes are impossible without the understanding and application of computer and statistical skills. Statistical assessmentt, as well as the use of information technology, are inseparable parts of planning, execution and understanding of biomedical questions – which provide the knowledge equally indispensable for medical students and practicing physicians.

Department Details:

Head of Department:

Ana Marusic

Email: [email protected]

Reading Materials:


Marušić M, editor. Principles of Research in Medicine. 1st edition. Zagreb: Medicinska naklada; 2008.

Additional Materials