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University of Split School of Medicine

Barbecue on May Day

Sunday 1st of May 2016, starting at 13:00

NEXT SUNDAY we are celebrating the 1st of May around a lovely and festive BARBECUE after the traditional KASTENLAUF.

The Event will only be cancelled if there will be an earthquake or a super massive storm. Only rain won´t hold us back!

We are all going to meet up at MARJAN near Galerija Meštrović. (Pin point on the top map ; Šetalište Ivana Meštrovića 35, 21000, Split, Croatia).

We have found the perfect location for sharing a relaxing and friendly time!

ISA prepared an awesome MENU for meat lovers and veggie fans :

- 4 Čevapi

- 1 Sausage

- 1 piece of Porc or Chicken

- Vegetables (paprika, aubergine, etc…) and/or Pasta Salad (for the veggies both are included, the meat lovers have the choice)

- Bred and sauces (ajvar, ketchup, mustard).​

ALL for the modest PRICE of 40 kuna.

Make sure to get your TICKET ! Unfortunately we had to introduce tickets this year in order to plan the logistics and pay the food in advance. Thank you for your understanding! Pierre Sanchis will be waiting for you in the SMALL LIBRARY, from 2PM to 4PM, from MONDAY 25TH APRIL to FRIDAY 29TH APRIL.

Looking forward to seeing you all on NEXT SUNDAY @ 13:00

If ISA forgot to add anyone to the upcoming event, please feel free to invite them yourselves.

Friends are always welcome.